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Sunday, June 14, 2015

1st anual Jeep Jamboree Tillamook Oregon. 2015

WOW what an experience!


David and I have never been to a Jeep Jamboree.  We got lucky enough to be friends with a man and his wife who have been to many and trail guide on several.  They decided they wanted to have a Jeep Jamboree in the Pacific Northwest and set out to make it happen.  And boy did it happen!   They invited David and me to be trail guides, I was beyond excited.

Day 1,  July 11

Our long weekend started on Thursday at the Bushwhacker facility in N Portland Oregon.   They did an awesome job.  They had Donuts and coffee in the morning and BBQ pulled pork and beef for lunch.  Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos on the tour. So I have none to offer. BUT it was really cool to see how they designed flares and then walk through the process from creating the mold to producing the final product.  I’m surprised by how much of it was still done by hand.  Not sure why but that gave me a comforting feeling. Bushwackers has been a sponsor for years, but this is the first time they have been able to host a factory tour. They were very excited about having us come and hang out with them. 

Air Down Station

 After the tour of Bushwackers, the trail guides headed to Tillamook Oregon to set up and prepare for the participants to arrive.  We had vehicle evaluations, registration and trail sign ups.  I ran the “Air Down Station”.  I had props and information on why airing down off road is a good idea.   When you can show someone the difference between the foot print of a full tire and that of a lower PSI it makes it more real to them.

On the The Trails, Day 2, July 12th

Friday Line up
We arrived at the fairgrounds around 6:30 am. No I was not fully awake! Heck I couldn't even figure out how to get off the elevator when someone wanted to get on after me getting off LOL. You had to be there, I was not fully awake at that point. 
We got everyone lined up for the trail they had chosen the night before, then off to breakfast. 

I have to say that the Tillamook Fairgrounds did an awesome job of feeding us.  I ate better there than I do at home. They provided hot breakfast, a sack lunch and dinners each day, the meals were fantastic. Friday night they did Tri Tip, OH MY! It melted in your mouth! David who mostly eats childlike foods thought it was wonderful. I was shocked. I give HUGE Props to the Tillamook County Fairgrounds staff and the 4H club for all their hard work. 

John has owned this Jeep for 38 years
 After Breakfast we headed out to the trails.  What an awesome line up of Jeeps we had. We had everything from a 1977 CJ7 all the way up to a 2015 JK. Each body style of wrangler between the two was represented by at least 1 rig. We even had an XJ. One of the Gentlemen in our group has been on 25 Jamborees.  One of the Cjs had a fuel issue  before we really got started so he had to head back to home base, but he was able to get it fixed and go out on Saturday.  The other CJ lost his water recovery cap on the trail. They thought they maybe out for the day too. BUT WAIT another participant found his cap on the trail. After a little duct tape and zipties he was back on the trail with us and was able to finish the day.

Fox Glove
The Green of Jones Creek Road
Our Group ran Jones Creek Rd, Truck Dent, Ample and Alluring, and Bates Rd. Not only was it a fun day of moderate trails, but the forest was in full bloom.  The Pacific Northwest is so Beautiful in the spring with all its fresh greens and colors of our wonderful wild flowers.

Beginning of Truck Dent
The trail Truck Dent was featured in a  2012 Jeep
Wrangler Rubicon review video.  Click here to watch the video.  That makes it a special trail to drive for Jeep owners, and  especially during a Jeep event.  

Going back up the end of Truck Dent

Kris learned she could do more than she thought! way to go Girl!
We had a few newbies in our group on Friday. I love working with newbies.  My favorite thing to do as a trail guide is to teach someone they can do things they think they can't. As well as watch their self confidence grow by leaps and bounds throughout the day.  I got to see a lot of that on Friday.  Those smile at the end of the day just make the whole thing worth it to me.  Hearing things like "I had no idea my Jeep could do that" or "I almost didn't do that but I'm glad I did" thrill me to no end.

Day 3 July 13th 

At the fairgrounds waiting to leave
Day three started out a bit slower than Day 1 and 2.  The breakfast crowd dwindled in, instead of stampeding.  We still arrived at the fairgrounds around 6:30ish to make sure we were ready for the participants.

Originally we only had 3 Jeeps signed up for the day, by the time we rolled out we had 8 participants plus the 3 of us trail guides.  

The driver's meeting went a bit faster on this day. Everyone had been on the trails now, and the newbies were not such newbies anymore, they had graduated to novice.  They didn't need as much help getting ready as well as on the trails. Places we did a lot of spotting the day before we didn't have to on Saturday. We ran about an hour ahead of schedule all day. Even though this group was a bit quieter than the day before we still had a lot of fun.

Day two's group.

On Saturday we had the pleasure of the Bushwacker team joining use. We had Ken and Dan from Bushwacker and from GA,  James with Lund International the parent company of Bushwackers. 

Dan and the Bushwacker Jeep

James  had never been off road before so Ken let him drive the Jeep. I think we have created another monster. He seemed to really enjoy himself. 

We got done about an hour earlier than we planned, but it worked out. Everyone took off and hit the Ice Creamery before dinner.

It is hard to put this experience into words. It was so cool seeing the people that have been into Jeeping for many years, welcome all the newbies into the lifestyle. The comradery is unbelievable. 

I want to thank Mark and Terry for all the effort they put in to make this a wonderful event! I don't think it would have been the same without them. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

2013 Oregon Trophy Challenge

The Oregon Trophy Challenge, which was once known as the Team Trophy Challenge is back for its second consecutive year.  The organizers of the original Team Trophy Challenge took a break a few years ago.  Teresa and her team of volunteers decided to bring it back as the Oregon Trophy Challenge. It was a HUGE success during its first year back and this year it is will be held on September 21st and 22nd

The Oregon Trophy Challenge is not your everyday off-road event. This two day, one night event, that is made up of teams of 2 rigs and 4 people, will challenge your skills in and out of your rig.  Using a map and your thinking skills, you will navigate a course that is pre-determined with check points. Each check point will test your skills in different areas. Anything from basic off-roading skills to just down-right fun challenges. This is an elimination event; the Top four Teams will compete for the Grand Prize on the second day.  

Do you work well with others? Do you have three buddies that will have your back? Are you ready to prove you got what it takes to make it through this event?  Then get on over to the sign up page and get your registration in.  Click here to register

Mom’s chat with Teresa:

MOM: Did you ever run in the original Team Trophy Challenge?

TERESA: The original Team Trophy Challenge was put on by Doug Shipman. Unfortunately, I did not have the privilege of running the event. I had not heard of it in until the last year it was held.

MOM: How did you get the idea to bring back the Trophy Challenge?

TERESA: Really it was the disappointment that I had missed it when it was still going on. I thought it sounded like a fun event and was sad that I did not get to experience it. Since I couldn’t compete in it, I wanted to bring it back for others.

MOM: Tell the readers how you got into off-roading. Is it something you have done all your life, or is it a sport you took up as an adult?

TERESA: I started working in the parts department of Gresham Chrysler Jeep in 1997. One of the technicians had a really nice CJ5. He signed up for a Flat Broke n 4 wheelin’ poker run and needed a co-pilot. He invited me and the parts manager. We found out after we were all there that neither of us was good at reading in a moving vehicle, LOL. That was my first trip to the Tillamook State Forest. I found myself in need of a new vehicle the next year and bought from the dealership the 1990 Wrangler that I still have. I began driving it off road in 2000 and learned and grew slowly with my rig.

MOM: Who was your biggest influence in learning to off-road?

TERESA: Originally, Shane Fay, the Jeep tech from my dealership taught me quite a lot. My husband and I have really taught ourselves a lot. Driving is a learning experience. You find out what doesn’t work and change it till it does. We decided to drive to White River to camp out one year. The connecting road 43, is not plowed for snow and was still very full of it. We had just barely left the pavement when my husband sank in and got stuck. We hooked up a strap and I gave him a tug. Of course that buried my rig with the strap tight between us. That was our first learning experience of ‘airing down in the snow’.

MOM: What is your favorite type of terrain to off-road on?

TERESA: I really like trails with a combination of rocks, a little mud, and trees. Something that takes a little skill is always a good challenge. I live near Mt. Hood, so I see some snow. It can be fun to have to ‘four wheel’ to get to work. I can drive in the sand only once a year and be perfectly happy. I don’t care for it getting into seals and chewing things up.

MOM: What do you drive most often when you are off-roading? Give us all the dirty details of your ride year, make, model and modifications. And Name if it has one.

TERESA: Between my husband and I, we have three Jeeps and one early Bronco. My favorite and most often driven is my 90 Wrangler. Being what I learned on, it is the most comfortable for me. I would say that I drive by braille. I like to feel what I am stuck on. I can’t do that as well in my coil sprung JK. It started out stock with a 2.5L.

• It now has a built (by Shane Fay) 4.0L

• on board air

• Tera-low 4:1 t-case

• Dana 44 front and rear with ARB’s and 4.88’s

• Sprung over with reverse shackles and buggy springs

• Locking hubs

• 35” Goodyear MTR’s

• ‘good luck mud’ on the inside of the windshield.

I have never given my Jeep a ‘name’ but my license plate is JP CHIC. :-)
Teresa and her YJ getting it on.
Play Safe and Tread Lightly
A  4 Wheeling Mom

Monday, June 10, 2013

Relay for Life 4x4 Run pre-run

This Saturday June 15th will be the 1st Annual Relay for life 4x4 Run.  It will be a great day to support a great cause. All proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society. It should be lots of fun, with lots of cool prizes from some awesome sponsors. Click here to see sponsors and raffle prizes.

This evening I hit the trails with one of the Trail Guides for the event to pre-run a couple trails. It was a much needed break from finals week!

We started with Stick in the Nose. 

The view of the rock crawl 

We ended our night on Bates Road trail. No photos of that trail. I don't have enough hands to hold a camera and navigate a hill climb LOL 

Play Safe and Tread Lightly! 
A 4 Wheeling Mom